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Mermaid swimming is revolutionizing the swim industry. Ride the wave of success by offering Fin Fun Mermaid swim classes!

  • Increase revenue
  • Drive traffic to your pool
  • Safely manage mermaid swimming
  • Launch innovative classes & events
  • Implement a turnkey program

Become a Fin Fun Mermaid University Affiliate and offer one or more easy-to-implement mermaid classes. You’ll provide an opportunity for basic swimmers to advance their skills and advanced swimmers to truly experience swimming like a mermaid!

FREE Mermaid Swim Class instructional materials, posters, and more are available to classes that use Fin Fun Mermaid Tails!

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What is a Fin Fun Swimmable Mermaid Tail?

A swimmable mermaid tail from Fin Fun consists of two separate pieces: a patented monofin composed of dive-grade neoprene and a flexible insert, plus a mermaid tail skin made of swimsuit material that fits over the monofin and legs. Before swimming, users insert their feet into the monofin, which gives the tail its shape and propulsion. The tail skin features an open bottom for walking short distances. You’ll look and swim like a mermaid!

What is a Fin Fun Mermaid Swim Class?

Fin Fun Mermaid swim classes teach how to safely swim with a mermaid tail and monofin, as well as how to properly care for a fabric mermaid tail. Most classes incorporate fun activities—and we can help you launch advanced mermaid swim classes for those who wish to learn additional skills. These advanced classes incorporate mermaid skills such as fluke splashes, core rolls, and some synchronized swimming moves. But most of all, our mermaid swim classes provide a safe environment to play and have fun! Whether the swimmer wants to imagine life as a mermaid or reap the benefits of a core-strengthening workout, our swim classes are a great introduction.

What About Adult Mermaid Classes?

Mermaid swimming is an excellent form of exercise, which is very appealing to adults in particular! Some aquatic programs have enormous success with instructor-led adult exercise mermaid classes. These are often deep water classes. Mermaid tails can also be used in lap lanes to practice the butterfly stroke and kick. Plus, introducing mermaid classes at your facility allows you to offer exciting event packages, like bridal and birthday parties!

Why Would our Facility Want to Offer Fin Fun Mermaid Swim Classes?

Mermaid tails are an extremely popular aquatic activity and many community members would like mermaid swim classes to be available at their local pool. A mermaid swim class provides a place for experienced swimmers to learn in a group setting. Plus, our program delivers a turnkey plan that any aquatic center or pool can successfully implement with revenue-generating options including parties, tail rentals, retail, and much more.

Who Takes Fin Fun Mermaid Swim Classes?

Fin Fun Mermaid swim classes appeal mostly to kids between the ages of six and sixteen who can already swim reasonably well and are comfortable in the water, though there are plenty of adults who want to learn! Pools implementing mermaid swim classes should require a basic skills test before swimmers use a mermaid tail. Those basic skills include: floating on front and back, rolling from front to back, swimming 25 yards unassisted, and being comfortable in deep water. Swimmers should also have an introduction to swimming with a dolphin kick before putting on a mermaid tail. (Watch our “Mermaid Tail Ready” video.)

Who Teaches Fin Fun Mermaid Swim Classes?

Swim classes are taught by the same instructors who teach other swim classes at a facility, usually lifeguards. These instructors will need training on tail care, safety, and the course outline. These training documents and videos are available from Fin Fun.

Are Mermaid Tails Safe?

Mermaid tails should only be used by those who can swim reasonably well and are comfortable in the water. Swimmers wearing a mermaid tail should always be supervised by a lifeguard or other adult. Mermaid tails are not a flotation device, though the monofin is buoyancy neutral, which makes floating easier. These monofins also provide propulsion, which aids in faster swimming. Mermaid tail skins can be removed quickly while swimming by simply kicking off the monofin and swimming out of the mermaid tail. They feature an open bottom for walking short distances when the monofin is removed, which also prevents water and air from becoming trapped in the tail. Not all mermaid tail brands include these safety features.

How Does our Facility get the Fin Fun Mermaid Tails?

Fin Fun has a starter package for mermaid swim classes that provides monofins and tails in a variety of sizes and colors. Most facilities rent or sell Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for additional revenue! Just email us at to learn more!

What is the Typical Class Size and Number of Instructors?

Classes typically include 6-8 students. Classes can be done with one instructor, but usually run more smoothly with two instructors.

How Long are Mermaid Classes?

This depends on the facility and the level of skills that are taught. A simple mermaid swim class can be taught in a one to two-hour class. If more advanced skills are taught, the class can meet repeatedly. A two-part class allows for one day to learn the basic skills and a second day to work on advanced skills. Exercise classes usually continue on a regular basis.

Can Mermaid Swimming be Incorporated into Open Swim Times?

Yes. How this is done will depend on the facility. Some facilities designate certain mermaid swim hours, while others allow mermaid swimming in certain areas of the pool.

Is There a Mermaid Certification Test?

Aquatic facilities should consider adopting a certification test before allowing swimmers to use mermaid tails. This is similar to a test for allowing swimmers to use the diving boards. This test is usually very quick. Swimmers who take a mermaid swim class should become mermaid-tail certified. Fin Fun even offers a printable Mermaid Certification paper that your pool can give to your mermaids!

How Do I Learn More About Fin Fun Mermaid Classes?

Implementing Fin Fun Mermaid classes is easy and fun! Simply contact Fin Fun at We can provide course outlines and training videos, plus answer any questions that you may have. We are happy to help bring mermaid magic to your facility!