Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Reviews


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"He’s just so so happy with his Merman tail."
Les Enfants a Paris - September 10, 2017

"The tail has a truly unique natural motion that looks like a real fin when swimming to create the illusion of an actual mermaid / merman! Made from high quality neoprene with an indestructible polypropylene insert, it is rigid enough to provide strong propulsion, but with flex to look like a real fin. And the carefully designed cuffs and foot pocket help hide feet and ankles. The buoyancy of the neoprene cover compensates for the weight of the monofin, making it feel light in the water and allowing you to swim longer with less effort.

"Not only does the monofin create a realistic mermaid look, the patented design propels you through the water quickly and efficiently, allowing you to swim up to two times as fast with less exertion!

"Safety is always of paramount concern, and my son and I went through the safety information on the website together, and I supervised closely as he tried it out in the pool. My son practised close to the side of the pool before swimming, and he also tested how to get out of the tail in the shallow end of the pool. To remove the tail at any time, you just pull one foot out of the fin (just lift up a leg), then the other leg, and then it’s a simple matter of pulling the tail down. It’s easy and comes off simply. There’s been no problems at all; however I do feel close supervision is important with pool play in general, we always watch Alexander when he is in the pool."

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"Say Yes To the Mermaid Tail!"
EventfulMoms - May 29, 2017

"There are lot of discounted mermaid tails, but the reviews are not very good. Although there is some sticker shock, the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail has the best reviews. The mermaid tail comes in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from toddler to adult. Keep in mind that that you will also need the Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin or you can’t really swim like a mermaid. The price is $79.95 -$114.95 for both and I know it sounds crazy, but it’s totally worth the price."

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"I like that the design seems to be made for safety."
Christina Refford (Cool Mom Picks) - July 27, 2016

"The coolest thing you’ll encounter in the water this summer may be my daughter, who has transformed herself from a normal 13-year-old into a full-fledged mermaid...

"...Though I was nervous about letting my child into the water wearing something that keeps each leg from kicking independently, I’m now confident that it’s a terrific water plaything for those kids who are strong swimmers.

"...It only took my daughter a few minutes of practice to get the kicking motion down with both legs together, and start cruising through the water.

"...I like that the design seems to be made for safety. The Flipper is “buoyancy neutral,” meaning it doesn’t weigh down kids’ legs nor does it try to float them to the top of the pool. And most importantly, the Monofin Flipper’s neoprene holds feet in place without straps, but is easy enough to kick off, if the wear gets tired or nervous."

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"Even with owning my beloved silicone tail, I do still rack up the miles on my fabric Fin Fun mermaid tail"
Mermaid Phantom - March 9, 2017

"Even with owning my beloved silicone tail, I do still rack up the miles on my fabric Fin Fun mermaid tail when the mood for mermaiding strikes. My fabric tail did not cost me very much money, so I don't have to worry so much if I accidentally scrap it against a rough surface, snag it on a twig, or roll around with it in the sand. It's also much easier to clean than the tail I wear for professional events and weighs much less... which means I don't need someone to carry lil ol' helpless me to the water! Slipping into it doesn't require and awkwardly large amount of lubrication either, which is always a plus! ;D"

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"I wish UK suppliers were as efficient."
Gretta H. - February 6, 2018

"Many thanks for your superb service! Just 72hours from ordering to receipt here in the UK. My granddaughter is thrilled! I wish UK suppliers were as efficient."

"The durability of this tail is phenomenal."
Katy M. - July 24, 2017

"The tail is beautiful, the two different colors contrast each other nicely, but blend beautifully. The durability of this tail is phenomenal because of the new tail protection. Thank you fin fun, you have changed fabric tails forever!"

"I bring mine to my gym and it's a lot of fun."
Jessica - Amazon Review - August 24, 2017

"These are amazing! Great for any age, I'm 23 years old and with this I get to live out my childhood dream haha. It's also a great workout, I bring mine to my gym (24hr fitness lets you use them) and it's a lot of fun. The material is super stretchy so I would suggest going a size down."

"3 Mermaids, 1 Family!"
Mom 2 3 mermaids - July 11, 2017

"Bought our 2 teenage daughters tails and mono fins for Christmas. Immediately our 24 year-old daughter was JEALOUS! So we gifted her the clownfish tail and mono fin. It has been incredible bonding time for these 3 ladies!!! They make sure to take time out to swim with each other once a week despite living in separate cities. Thanks so much for making an incredible dream come true for our daughters!"

"Amazing quality & design."
Mermaid Karma - Amazon Review - April 4, 2016

"I'm 5' 11" an slightly thick. The adult medium fit pretty good but was slightly baggy. The design is amazing and in the water the skin looks so real! I was wary of this tail at first because the "fluke" monofin looked too small for my preference.let me just say that this tail swims perfectly! It is the perfect size! So in love with their monofin design very comfortable! I underestimated this tail! ~Mermaid Karma~"

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"She swims so fast in it."
Janice Miller - July 21, 2016

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your fabulous mermaid tail! My 5-year old saw your product on YouTube Kids, and begged me for a mermaid tail. I told her that I would buy it for her if she learned to swim, and two months of lessons later, she showed me four different strokes!!! She was so motivated! The mermaid tail is really gorgeous, and she swims so fast in it - everyone was making such a fuss about it when she used it in the pool. Thank you so much! I am buying a second color today to surprise her."

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"Very realistic looking."
N. Balsom - February 9, 2016

"The packaging is surprisingly charming. It's hard to make a cardboard box pretty. But they did it. When you open it up the ocean water blue jumps out at you. A+ on presentation.

Fit - the tail was the perfect length and circumference for a normal size 12. My daughter is a solid 12 and normally I get 14 just so she can grow into it, hence why I was worried. But the 12 tail is perfect even with a little room for growth

Fin fit - I had difficulty getting my daughters feet through the tiny holes the first time. Admittedly it was because I was full of doubt and didn't want to bend or rip anything. There were no instructions on how to do it (like are the feet suppose to be wet to make it easier). But then I said to myself it has to work so I just put some omph into it making sure the material was high on top of her foot and really pulled fabric over heel. It worked. 2nd and 3rd time went much more smoothly and quickly

Very realistic looking. A little pricey but not enough to prevent me from buying. Family owned business - so I support that."

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"This can help someone with a disability."
Carrie Nash - October 23, 2015

"A huge Thank you to your company for a very nice and simple design. My daughter who is 17 has cerebral palsy and has swum mermaid style for years. We gave her one of your monofins and a suit last night and she instantly was able to swim faster and more freely than ever before. She mermaid-swam for 45 minutes straight. The neoprene feet hole system is just right for a girl with spasticity. The plastic molded foot holes (in other fins) don't work at all. Just thought you should know how this can help someone with a disability!!"

"Safe mermaid fin."
CATHY - Amazon Review - August 14, 2017

"This fin and tail are so much nicer than any I've seen. The fit is perfect, and the design of the fin makes it so much safer than other ones. Your child's feet are not strapped into the fin. The fin is like putting on a pair of socks. It is so much easier to take off quickly and safely. They even have a safety video on their website. I am very, very pleased, and so is my granddaughter."

"Easy to put on and take off"
Melanie J. - Amazon Review - August 6, 2017

"My daughter absolutely loves the tail. It fits her pretty well, it's a tad bit big in the waist but nothing a hair tie can't fix. The quality is really good, as long as you maintain the fin according to the directions, it seems like it will last a long time. Easy to put on and take off. No negatives to the tail that I can see. Just takes practice to learn how to swim in it."

"The new tail tips are an amazing improvement"
Bela56 - July 29, 2017

"This tail is absolutely incredible! The tail itself has amazing vibrant colors and a pleasant shine as well. The tail to fluke has a nice transition. The fluke lines are gorgeous and the new tail tips are an amazing improvement! Very impressed with this tail. Grab it while you can you won't regret it ;)"

"Feel like a mermaid"
Carrie mercatell - Amazon Review - August 5, 2017

"This product exceeded my expectations. The fabric is not see through like others, the stretch is prefect, the colors are vivid, the mono fin is comfortable (no rubbing) and well crafted, finally it fits like a glove. If you want the lady it's being purchased for to feel like a mermaid, well i assure you this is the perfect product! Thanks Fin Fun"

"Better than other monofins with adjustable backs."
Jacqueline - Amazon Review - July 25, 2017

"I bought this for my daughter's "mermaid camp." She absolutely loves her fin and has been the envy of all other mermaids at her camp. She likes the way the monofin feels on her feet better than other monofins with adjustable backs. The only problem we've had with the tail is the fit around my daughter's waist. I purchased a size 8 as she wears that size in clothing. In hindsight, I should have bought her a 6 due to the stretchy lycra material. My only suggestion to improve this product would be to include a drawstring at the waist."

"Worth every penny."
corymichael - Amazon Review - August 3, 2017

"My granddaughter was so thrilled to get her mermaid tail. It is beautiful, well made and fits her perfectly. It's nice to get what you pay for and this tail is worth every penny. It arrived quickly as well. Thanks Fin Fun. It was a pleasure doing business with you!"