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Fin Fun Mermaid

Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail

Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail


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Bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors, Fin Fun’s Rainbow Reef swimmable mermaid tail presents a dramatic display of hues your fellow pool goers will never forget!

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Customer Reviews

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This is beautiful!

Received this quickly, in time for a Pride Event. It was perfect. The colors are vibrant and they pop.

Jesse Boessel
Well worth it

High quality product. The fact that my daughter can kick off the fin like a pair of socks is the most important thing for me. Other models from other companies are strapped on, and not so easily removed. When you are in a trouble situation in the water, this can be a life-or-death thing. Obviously, she won't be using it without my supervision, but the peace of mind is a big deal. As far as the quality of the product, I am very impressed. I expected something that might last the summer at most, but it is really well made. The fin tips are super reinforced on the tail, which is the place where you would expect the first rip to appear. The sizing chart is absolutely correct. Don't miss the note on there that says to size down if you are unsure because the material is stretchy. Buying a monofin+tail is a little expensive but remember that a monofin comes in only two sizes, so if your kid grows out of the tail, you only really need to buy a new tail as long as the fin still fits. So the cost is really only a few $ vs. your child being able to live their mermaid dreams.


Expert swimmers are often given the opportunity to perform their first swimming 🏊‍♀️ event test in a pool please then take it to the ocean!!! Coming from a recovering lifeguard! Do not take it to the beach and get in the open ocean and think it’s kinda cute that you Look like and swim like a REAL mermaid and you want to meet the lifeguard! Please learn how to use your tail first before diving into the ocean! ITS WELL MADE!!!! It’s quality material and I LOVE IT!!! My daughter and I love reacting mako’s mermaid in Kaneohe bay! With the full moon! Exceptional product! We live in Hawaii an make great use of it! MAHALO NUI LOA!!!!!