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Fin Fun Mermaid

Retro Tails - Custom Reprint Mermaid Tails

Retro Tails - Custom Reprint Mermaid Tails


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Tail Design

Please note that these tails are custom printed and sewn just for you, so they may take up to 2 to 3 weeks to ship. (Tails that are made to order do not follow the estimated shipping dates on your order confirmation) 

Did you miss out on our previous Limited Edition mermaid tails? Don’t despair! With Fin Fun’s Retro Tails, you can enjoy vintage designs once again. The vivid colors and designs are the exact same as their previous Limited Edition counterparts, minus the foil layer. Now, your dreams of becoming a mystical mermaid in these exquisite and striking tails can come true!

  • Machine Washable
  • Sizes 06-10 use the JR size monofin. Sizes 12+ use the PRO size.
  • Meets international safety standards
  • No Foil Finish
  • Monofin is not included.
  • Retro Tails are not returnable.
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